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A steel barn is the perfect way to increase the value and assets of your property. Traditionally a rural structure, barns can be adapted and tailored to suit a number of different applications. Perfect to combat your storage problems, barns are a popular building design among our rural customers.

As a typically large volume building design, you can store all your machinery, equipment, tools and vehicles in a steel barn. There is so much space on offer that should you wish, you can even integrate an area dedicated to a workshop, whilst leaving plenty of storage room.

Aussie & American Style

Our traditional Aussie Barn, the Kakadu, can be distinguished by its lack of a raised centre section; offering a building that is typically lower in height than its American style counterpart. Mezzanine flooring is common in barn designs, especially the American style, as it maximises space and provides storage for household and recreational items.

Optional Extras

Customisation is easily achieved in our range of steel barn designs. Dimensions can be adjusted in terms of length and height, and internal walls, mezzanine flooring, insulation, ventilation and personal access doors can all be incorporated into the design. You have the choice to nominate the number of roller doors, and can even choose to include them on the back of the building to provide complete clear drive in-and-out access if required.

As with all our buildings, our barns can be cladded in either ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel. With a choice of over 20 colours, you can choose a combination that best suits your surrounding landscape and existing buildings.

We manufacture our barns from high-tensile Australian BlueScope Steel, assured by our steel guarantee. We design and engineer each steel building site specific for its intended site, ensuring all factors have been taken into consideration. Further to this, our engineering and designs have been certified by ShedSafe, further giving you confidence you are shopping with the steel building experts. 

Give us a call on 1800 764 764 or 07 4638 2113 to discuss your barn requirements, and we can generate an obligation-free quote today. Alternatively, submit an online quote request and we will be in touch with you shortly.